About Hempmate

The name is program. HempMate AG was founded in 2017 by friends who have dedicated themselves to the topic of hemp.
I've been there from the start of the market opening and we deal seriously with hemp and especially cannabidiol (CBD) every day.

The deeper we got used to it, the clearer it became that this much too long, neglected plant finally belongs on the big stage of this world again. Fortunately, more and more state institutions are recognizing and accepting this. This unique natural product can improve every mate's life - that's for sure. We claim that we only sell products that are good enough for ourselves, our families and our best friends.

HempMate AG is based in Switzerland, which also reflects our values ​​perfectly. It's about quality, seriousness, closeness to nature and a self-determined cooperation. No country is so liberal and honest in dealing with new markets. It is therefore not surprising that Switzerland was the first to completely open the door to this market and that we are starting our journey from here. We are already actively supported by the authorities and are pleased to have an official market approval ...

The owners of HempMate AG are friends from different countries - Switzerland, Austria and Germany and the market approach works accordingly. The owners are happy to grow beyond these borders and have the whole of Europe as their target market in mind. The most important operational founders today include the Board of Directors / CEO Johannes A. Janßen and our CMO Thomas Pfeifer. HempMate AG still has a lot to do and will still do the toughest pioneering work. But that is exactly what will pay off for the brand ambassadors and the people who travel with HempMate AG. And that means not only the monetary, but also the health aspect. The owners of HempMate AG know that hemp can make life easier and prolong life; that is exactly what we want for all families, friends and acquaintances.

HempMate AG's values ​​are easy to explain

only the best for all mates!

Quality: the products are of the best possible quality. This is the only way for the HempMate AG range to spread organically. Regular checks and laboratory tests are a matter of course for HempMate AG. It must be possible to recommend it to family members and friends without hesitation at any time. Our quality has convinced everyone so far!
Seriousness & Legality: HempMate AG pursues a 100% white market strategy. It complies with the applicable state laws and obtains the necessary permits. HempMate AG is of course registered with the Federal Directorate General of Customs and only sells approved products. Compliance with the recipe regulations (THC limits) is also very important. In addition, HempMate wants to lead the natural product hemp from the negative image to a well-deserved positive image. HempMate AG has hired the right experts and consultants for this.
Closeness to nature: The products come from strictly controlled cultivation and without the use of pesticides or pollutants. Thus, the product can present itself in its pure form and only then does HempMate AG meet the requirements. It is a real natural product. Unfortunately, HempMate AG cannot yet have BIO-certified in this product segment, but HempMate already exceeds these criteria.
Sustainability: HempMate aims to create an endless product and customer cycle. This creates lasting satisfaction and partnership. Sustainability in connection with nature also determines HempMate's endeavors in cultivation and product creation. HempMate looks forward to returning customers and partners.
A better world: Nature is the best there is for HempMate. If we manage to connect nature and people, then we will also create a better world. We also want to invest in research and expansion in the hemp area. This is an integral part of HempMate's business model.

HempMate's vision

Cannabidiol (CBD) or hemp is in HempMate's genes. Hardly any other metabolic system supports the absorption of the positive hemp ingredients via specially designed receptors so reliably. That is why hemp can also help extremely efficiently and boost the metabolism. The world has to find out about it again! Again, because mankind has known for centuries that hemp is life-changing, especially calming and pain-relieving. This valuable knowledge has been lost due to unnecessary bans in the past.

HempMate AG pursues the vision of getting humanity back on the path of natural and natural hemp consumption - across all national borders, languages, political and religious views. Cannabidiol (CBD) or legal hemp belongs in every household in the world. We will succeed!


When it comes to production, HempMate relies on many years of experience, organic cultivation and excellent locations. We want to know our products at all times, and a completely transparent production chain that we are familiar with is important. HempMate knows every process in production and can carry out checks in the processes at any point in time. This applies not only to subordinate laboratory values, but also to checking, for example, during the cultivation or pressing of our oils. HempMate leaves nothing to chance. Clean production begins with the origin of the seeds and ends with random checks of the end product. HempMate thus guarantees absolute premium products.