CBD Oil 5%


Our 5% CBD oil is ideal for you if you want to get to know CBD anew. It only contains 500mg of CBD and is therefore particularly gentle and light, ideal for discovering the effects of CBD for yourself.

CBD Oil 10%


Our 10% CBD oil is recommended if you have already got to know CBD. The CBD concentration is quite high at 1000 mg, but always gentle and well tolerated. Get to know it and let yourself drift deeper into the world of CBD.

CBD Oil 15%


Our 15% CBD oil contains 1500mg of CBD, is powerful and yet gentle. If you've developed an increased need for CBD, this oil is a very good choice. For this oil, too, we only use the most natural hemp seed oil and hemp extract, without any additives.

CBD Oil 20%


Our most highly concentrated and most powerful oil is 20% CBD oil. It contains 2000mg of CBD, making it one of the strongest on the market - naturally cold-pressed and without any additives. So if you have a very high need for CBD, this oil is ideal.